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title: Peacock Feather II

size:12½ " x 12½ "

Art work of a peacock feather by Susan A. Lennon

Peacock Feather II

12 ½"  x 12 ½ "


This is part of a series that is a derivative of  The Independent Spinster. It was an effort on my part to make smaller works. This piece includes papers from a vintage edition of the Times-Picayune of New Orleans from the 1930's. I bid on this paper because of a women I met in New Orleans when I was in my 20's. She was a septuagenarian working in a local shop. We talked and she told me that, after a certain point in her life, she decided she would live in places that she had always wanted to go.

The larger piece in this work is from a Tarzan cartoon. I imagine that the woman I met had put a lot on hold until she was a widow. However, when I met her she'd already lived in Santa Fe and was now living in the French Quarter.

This is a work that is inspired by her.

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